Frequently Asked Questions

Occasionally you may have issues with both, Sound Transmission and Reverberation. It is important to note that acoustic barrier products should be used for Sound Transmission problems and acoustic baffle products should be used for Reverberation (echo) problems. If in doubt, don't hesitate to contact us for advice. Our experienced consultants will be happy to help.

Here are a list of some commonly asked questions our team receives regarding what products to use:

I have noisy neighbours and I can hear everything through the walls. What products would you suggest?

Acoustic insulation batts in the wall cavities work wonders for minimising sound transmission, used in conjunction with Acoustiflex or Quietwave SQ Noise Barrier.

I can hear our neighbour’s air-conditioner running all night long. What products will fix this problem?

Depending on the air-conditioners location, it may require a sound enclosure with Noise Shield SQ internal lining.

Is there a product that will fix the sound of water running through the pipes in the wall?

Yes! A Product called GreenLag SQ Pipe Lagging is designed to significantly reduce the sound of water through PVC piping.

We have a two storey home and I can constantly hear loud footsteps when people are upstairs. Is there a solution for this?

Of course! Angel Step GOLD 4 or 8 is a high performance acoustic underlay that dramatically reduces footfall impact noise transmission.

I have a home theatre / I am building a home theatre and want to soundproof the room as much as possible. What product do I need?

When designing an effective home theatre, it is highly recommended that high performance acoustic insulation is used in the wall cavities, in conjunction with Acoustiflex SQ or QuietWave SQ Noise Barrier to be used under the wall linings (eg. plasterboard or gyprock).

*If you have any other questions please don't hesitate to Contact Us