Living in a two storey house with a young family we could often hear the kids upstairs running around while my wife and I watch TV downstairs. A friend recommended we speak to Orca Soundproofing who amazingly solved our problem. We installed Angel Step Acoustic Flooring Underlay to the main living area upstairs and to my surprise, we were amazed at what it achieved. We can now relax and watch TV without the interruption of stomping feet upstairs.
— Robert & Marie C (Marino)
I wanted to build a Home Theatre with a point of difference and make sure it had the wow factor and soundproof enough so that I could pump up the decibels without disturbing others in the house or upsetting the neighbours. After spending considerable money on the Audio and Video equipment, I wanted to make sure I got my money’s worth by being able to get the most out of it. Jack from Orca Soundproofing recommended we use Quietwave Noise Barrier in the walls and ceiling, Acoustic Batts in the wall cavities and for the WOW factor, we used the DESCOR Acoustic Fabric Panels on one feature wall which had a large digitally printed image of New York’s Times Square on it. Now it’s like being in Times Square without leaving your home. Orca Enterprises, you’re amazing!!
— James C (Hyde Park)
We live in a townhouse next to neighbours who entertain quite often and found the noise levels got to the point of being quite annoying. We even considered selling and moving. We approached Orca Soundproofing and they recommended a simple treatment to the wall dividing our neighbours property and our own. We had Quietwave Noise Barrier installed and the results were absolutely amazing. Now we can sleep at night without being disturbed by noise. Thank you Orca Enterprises for giving us back our privacy and sanity.
— Philip A (Newton)
After living in a noisy home for 15 years, my wife and I decided to build a new dream home only this time we wanted to make sure we made our new home as soundproof as possible. We approached Orca Soundproofing with our new home plans and they advised us of the main areas of our new home which should be treated. It was surprisingly quite inexpensive and simple as we were able to incorporate the treatment in the construction stage. They even provided us with technical specifications of each product we used and a summery of what each product does. Their products exceed stringent Australian Building Standards and are environmentally Green Tag approved. I would definitely recommend anyone considering building a new home to contact Orca Soundproofing for advice first. We are certainly glad we did!
— Michael & Sandy W (St Peters)
I run a busy restaurant and often had patrons complain about the noise levels while dining at our establishment. We approached Orca Soundproofing and they recommended applying Echosorb Acoustic Panels on the ceiling which reduced the echo noise dramatically. We now have people happy with their dining experience at The Greek on Halifax.
— The Greek on Halifax (Adelaide)